COVID-19 update: easing of restrictions

On February 14, 2022 the provincial government announced a set of measures that will see a gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions that were put in place to stem the tide of the virus which has now lasted for over two years and taken millions of lives worldwide.

IIT welcomes this announcement with cautious optimism. Our objective is to respond to the lifting of restrictions with a parallel roadmap that will also see easing of restrictions at Jumuah, daily prayers and programs. We are hoping that InshaAllah we will be able to return to some level of normalcy in Ramadan.

We also encourage our congregation to continue to be vigilant, and to follow the measures such as masking that will remain in place.

Here is a timeline for the IIT Roadmap to easing of restrictions at IIT:

February 25 Jumu’ah – Proof of Vaccine required, increased capacity at IIT (but with some distance) masking rule remains
March 4 Jumu’ah – increased capacity at IIT; masking rule remains; proof of vaccination lifted

Additional measures and rules:
        1.      We will keep prayers and khutbahs short
        2.      Congregants will continue to wear masks until provincial regulation is lifted
        3.      Congregants will be asked to disperse immediately after prayers with no indoor socialization
        4.      As of March 4th, there will be no requirement for registration. We will establish a “first-come, first-serve” rule.
        5.      Congregants will be required to bring their own prayer rugs and bags for shoes until directed otherwise. Bags will not be provided.
        6.      Gates will be closed at 12:55 PM and doors will be closed 1:00 PM. Please arrive early to avoid delays.

We will announce a timeline for the resumption of other in-person programs soon, InshaAllah.

We pray that Allah reward all of us for the challenges posed by COVID-19; forgive those who have passed; heal those who are sick and keep us safe from all life-threatening illnesses.

We have noticed an increase in the request for plastic bags for shoes. We will not be providing any plastic bags. Everyone must bring a bag for their shoes.