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Assalaamu Alaikum

As you are aware, Toronto has now entered the Grey-Lockdown Category of the Province's COVID-19 Response Framework. Place of Worship such as IIT have been restricted in their activities, including a maximum of 10 people for religious services.

As a result, IIT will not be offering prayers for the public, including Salaatul Jumu'ah until the restrictions are lifted.

However, IIT will be broadcasting the Khutbah live at 1:00 PM every Friday. You can watch the livestream on all our platforms, including our Website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

You may perform the Jumu'ah prayers after listening to the Khutbah if there are two or more persons to pray. Otherwise, you can perform Salaatul Dhuhr. This is the opinion of our senior scholar, Shaikh Ahmad Kutty.

Please note that we offer a number of Online Programs, including Live and Recorded Courses, Podcasts and Dua's to Power Your Day. Please check our Website and Facebook page for updates.

We ask that you follow the Public Health Guidelines and restrictions and play your role in helping to flatten the curve of this virus.

We pray that Allah protect us from the pandemic, and from all other harms. We pray that Allah guide us to that which is right, and make us among the righteous.


Fareed Amin

Fatwa session: Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

General fatwa session

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Fall courses posted

Fall 2020 Semester courses have now been uploaded to our course portal. This semester we are focusing on leveraging the Islamic faith to help us manage the challenging times we live in.

A few highlights - visit for more:

Quranic Empowerment with Sh. Abdool Hamid
Leadership Traits with Sh. Ahmad Kutty
Lessons from Surah al-Kahf with Sh. Musleh Khan
Illumination fom the Sahaaba with Dr. Abdullah Hakim quick
Tajweed for beginners with Dr. Julie Lowe
Grammatical Analysis of Surahs with Sister Rona Ullah

Du‘as to Power Your Day - Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

Join us daily for this tremendous practical session to recite a Du‘a or Dhikr from the Prophetic Sunnah. Du‘a is the “Fortress of the believer’. Dhikr makes the soul tranquil. There is nothing we need more at this time than to make this a daily practice.-calling on our Lord, beseeching Him for His mercy, forgiveness, and guidance.

Livestreaming on facebook and YouTube starting from Nov. 20, at 10:30 AM (Toronto Time)/6:30 PM (Mecca Time).

Watch previous sessions

Great Books of Islamic Civilization – Dec. 5, 8 pm

Our Great Books of Islamic Civilization returns with a focus on the Greatest Book – The Qur’an itself! In this session Dr. Kathy Bullock will explore Western discourses on the Qur’an. Mark your calendars!

Broadcasting on all our channels on December 5th at 8:00 PM

The Journey of Life

Conception and life in the Womb.
Birth and Life in this World.
Death and life in the Barzakh (Grave period).

This is a pre-recorded and on-demand course. Start your learning journey today!

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Introduction to Fiqh

Based on typical Islamic studies curriculum taught at mainstream Islamic universities, on-demand and accompanied with summarized notes of important fiqh references and literature, the Introduction to Fiqh course will explore the Shari’ah, its objective and general characteristics.

This is a pre-recorded and on-demand course. Start your learning journey today!

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Friday khutbah

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The Qur'an: Empowerment & Inspiration

This course will explore the beautiful verses and terminology of the Qur’an that give hope to the believers, empower and inspire them with respect to their faith in Allah; their potential to reach spiritual heights and to overcome the obstacles in their way.

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Illumination from the Sahabah

This course is a 12 part series of reflections on the lives and lessons of important male and female Companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Many of these individuals may not have been the most prominent of the Sahabah but their experiences and example meet the needs of our challenges as Muslims today.

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Prophet Musa in the Quran

Prophet Musa (Moses) is the prophet most mentioned in the Qur'an, with multiple narratives across many chapters on his birth, his upbringing in the Pharoah's palace, his Prophethood, his liberation of the Children of Israel, his marriage and his conversation with Allah Almighty.

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Tafseer Session: Shaikh Abdool Hamid

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This is a final reminder of our 3rd annual Awards Presentation – Virtual Edition. Friday December 4, 2020, 7-9 PM. YouTube livestream link

Several awards to be won plus trivia giveaways. Everyone has a chance to win something, so make sure you check out the Awards Presentation this Friday, December 4 at 7 PM! All our usual awards will be presented. Details to follow on how you can pick up your awards after the presentation.

Only days left... so mark it off on your calendar and plan to be there in sha Allah!

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