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Ramadan countdown

Less than two months away from Ramadan! What is your Ramadan resolution? Have you started to create a Ramadan mindset? With or without COVID, let Ramadan be your spiritual refuge and your opportunity to develop a relationship with the Qur’an!

At IIT we have started our preparations and would like to hear from you. What did we do well last year? What can we improve on? How can you be engaged?

Drop us a line at, or, or post a comment.

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Ramadan survey

We have prepared a short survey to gather feedback on the program and solicit your thoughts on how we can enhance the program for this year.

Please feel free to complete the survey, and rest assured that your personal information will not be shared with anyone. Survey results will only be shared internally with the Ramadan planning committee in aggregate format, and all identifying information (i.e. your email address) will be redacted.

Deep Traces of Islamic Culture in Mexican Life

What influence does Islamic Culture have on Mexican life? Register and attend this session brought you by the University of Toronto’s Institute of Islamic Studies this evening to find out!

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Daylight Saving Time begins: March 14

Remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night. Jumah khutbah will move to 1:30 pm. Prayer times will be updated.

Memorial Lecture in Honoring Professor Dr. Malik Badri

Memorial Lecture in Honouring the Thoughts and Contributions of Professor Dr. Malik Badri to the Ummah (with a focus on Islamic Psychology).

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IIT Programs

Seniors Circle - Supporting Seniors at Home

This is an ongoing program dedicated to the well being of the senior members of our community. To join please call the IIT at 416-335-9173 and then press 5. Please leave us your name and contact information and we will return your call inshaAllah.

This program includes:

• Connecting seniors with services and resources for empowerment
• Weekly check-in calls from our volunteers to make sure they are okay
• Weekly spiritual reminder and discussions with our beloved teacher, Shaikh Abdool Hamid

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Also see: Wellness Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing - a weekly virtual gathering hosted by the IIT Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network (IDHN)


Courses by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

Have you taken a course with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty as yet? For almost fifty years, he has been teaching and mentoring generations of Canadian Muslims, and reaching even beyond to India, Malaysia, Singapore and many other places. This testimonial from one of his dedicated students says it perfectly! Thank you Sr. S. Khan.

Check out his live and recorded courses on our YouTube Channel. Here are a few examples:

Leadership Traits of Prophet Muhammad
Self-Care: The Prophetic Approach

And many, many more!

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On Living a Transformative Life

In this course, we propose to visit some of the critical transformative moments in the Prophet’s life, including his encounters, meetings, responses to difficult t situations that demonstrate his great leadership traits of character: Such moments were at once decisive as well as life-changing experiences for the people involved. The changes unleashed evolved into a great movement of a spiritual and moral transformation in history.

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Arabic Language Book 1

New Arabic Language Book 1 Course starting this Tuesday! Pre-requisite: Ability to Read and Write Arabic.

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Fresh Start Live

Who hasn’t sinned? What happens if you think your sins are so much that Allah won’t ever forgive you? Shaikh @musleh_khan

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Recent videos

Daily Du'as Series

Tafseer Session

Friday khutbah

Getting Caught in the YouTube Trap

Shereeza Ibrahim. B.A.Psych, M.S.W, R.S.W. Have you ever started out simply watching one video on YouTube, but ended up 30 minutes or 1 hour later down "the rabbit hole"?

What is the rabbit hole? It is believed the phrase originally came from Lewis Carroll's novel "Alice in Wonderland", when Alice fell down the rabbit's hole, on account of her curiosity, and ended up in Wonderland.


The Islamic Institute of Toronto offers a wide variety of online courses taught by qualified scholars, most of which are free. We also have reliable religious answers, podcasts, and an active YouTube channel.