IIT Statement on the murder of George Floyd

The public murder of the African American, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a white police officer, on May 25, 2020 sent shock waves all around the world. Floyd was pinned to the ground after being handcuffed and killed while people begged for his life. This wanton disregard for human life is part of a 400-year-old legacy of slavery, lynching, brutality, discrimination and genocide that African Americans have been subjected to since the inception of the United States of America. Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” have become the rallying cry for demonstrations and civil disobedience throughout the USA and around the world.

The Islamic Institute of Toronto openly condemns this heinous act and the Structural Racism that continues to perpetuate atrocities against Black American communities. We call for the police officers involved to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and that a system of checks and balances be set up to put an end to Systemic Racism in policing and the criminal justice system of America.


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As we take a short break after the blessed month of Ramadan, we are preparing for an engaging set of programs starting next week inshallah.

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People stream to Islamic Institute in Scarborough as COVID-19 testing is expanded

Testing for COVID-19 is being expanded across the province, including into pop-up locations in neighbourhoods experiencing high burdens of the illness.

A one-day pop-up testing site at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, located in the Malvern area, drew a steady stream of people on Friday, said Fareed Amin, chairman of the board of the institute.


Centering Black Narratives in Islam

We are reposting our incredible seminar with The The Black Muslim Initiative and Imam Dawud Walid - hopefully we can all learn a thing or two about the fight for justice and equality even within the Muslim Community!

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Friday Talk: Shaikh Ehsaan Ansar

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