August 19, 2020

What Can We Learn from Hijrah?

By Shaikh Ahmad Kutty – Hijrah is full of lessons for the believers as individuals and as a community. Before proceeding let me define the meaning of Hijrah: Hijrah has various shades of meaning such as forsaking, leaving, boycotting, emigrating, etc. As a term, it is used to refer to migrating to a safer place because …

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Marking the New Hijri Year With Celebrations: Permissible?

In Islam, there is no special religious ceremony to mark the new year. However, since our religious calendar is the Hijri calendar, it is good to remind ourselves about the meaning and significance of Hijrah at this time. We should talk about the Prophet’s Hijrah from Makkah to Madinah that took place in the year 622 CE.

Why Didn’t the Prophet Stay in Makkah and Worship Quietly?

One may wonder, “Why would the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and Muslims leave their hometown, Makkah, to a very distant  place like Madinah?” The straightforward answer is: because he and the Muslims were not able to worship Allah in Makkah and they had been tortured by the Makkans.