Ten Satanic entrances that could destroy a person’s Heart

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

On Friday, February 12, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick delivered the Khutbah at IIT and focused on the contribution of the great West African scholar Uthman Dan Fodio. 

In addition to exploring the life of this scholar, Dr. Abdullah left us with 10 timely and beneficial pieces of advice from Shaikh Uthman Dan Fodio, reproduced below. Listen to the khutbah to get a full understanding of the legacy of this scholar:

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Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodio, the great West African Muslim scholar listed Ten Madaakhil Iblis (Satanic entrances) that could destroy a person’s Heart:

1.  Jealousy and covetousness.

2.  Uncontrolled anger and desires.

3.  Greed and ambition.

4.  Excessive love of food and drink.

5.  Haste, except in necessary acts of worship.

6.  Wealth, if it exceeds the basics.

7.  Fanaticism in Mathab (School of Islamic Jurisprudence) and following whims.

8.  Hatred and contempt for those who disagree.

9.  Burdening the common people with pondering about the essence and descriptions of Allah more than is necessary.

10. Holding suspicions against Muslims.

Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Historian, Lecturer, Consultant