Summer Program Job Applications

Office Administrator

20 Weeks – 28 Hours per week – $15.00/hr – One Position Available

The Office Administrator will be responsible for all office-related and operational functions of the programs. This includes the organization and maintenance of key documentation such as participant registration, tuition fees, staff and participant attendance. They will be required to keep up to date records of the information in an accessible database. Their role also includes booking and arranging fees for external resources to record videos, or conduct activities for program participants, producing weekly newsletters in coordination with the program coordinator, sending out web updates, and other office related tasks. The Office Administrator will be responsible for maintaining the budget and cash flow of the programs using software such as MS excel, and QuickBooks. They will work closely with the Finance Officer of the organization to ensure all accounting information is accurately managed.

Education Program Coordinator

20 Weeks – 28 Hours per week – $15.00/hr – One Position Available

The Program Coordinator will be responsible for the overall leadership of the virtual and or physical programs if applicable in a pandemic situation. He/she will work with staff to develop activities that are educational, social, and recreational, using platforms such as Flipgrid, Socrative, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Whatsapp, and more. The Program coordinator will be responsible for approving program plans completed by Program Assistants and other staff; ensuring the plans are appropriately modified for each age group and for each theme. They will also ensure that the activities are accessible to the participants. The Program Coordinator shall rotate between the virtual programs to observe the program and make notes to suggest improvements. They will complete weekly evaluation reports for staff and volunteers, to be kept on file in the event of a request for a reference letter. The Coordinator will lead the daily debriefing meetings where they will facilitate discussion of issues that were observed throughout the day, suggestions, ideas and ways to improve as a team. Their role includes outreach and recruiting community resources to record videos, or conduct activities for camp participants. They are responsible for Communicating with guardians about day to day camp activities via email newsletters and phone calls.

The program coordinator in coordination with the office administrator will be responsible for coordinating the “supply distribution” to participants each week. This is a supply pack of art supplies, or materials needed for each week to participate in activities in order to ensure accessibility to all participants.  The coordinator will also ensure health and safety standards are met by participating in building safety checks for those who are working on-site, and discussing health and safety of staff at the daily debriefings for those who are working from home

Program Assistants

20 Weeks – 28 Hours per week – $14.25/hr – Five Positions Available

Program Assistants will be responsible for a group of participants to lead and engage them in daily activities including storytelling, songs and other creative expressions, visual and dramatic arts, and educational activities. Leaders will work under the supervision of the Program Coordinator

Program Assistants are responsible for creating and executing program plans specific to the group they are chosen for. They will be responsible for navigating a virtual platform such as Flipgrid, Socrative, Google Classroom, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. in order to post content and interact with participants.  They will create program plans that are appropriate and practical for the size of the group and for virtual delivery if needed. Program plans will be submitted to, and approved by the Program Coordinator. Assistants will be responsible for documenting what supplies their group of participants will need, so that the supplies can be added to the weekly supply pack for each participant. Program Assistants must be creative, have excellent classroom management, leadership skills, digital skills, and the ability to delegate responsibility and tasks to a Volunteer or helper assigned to their session. Each assistant will receive a weekly evaluation report from the Program Coordinator. Program assistants are required to be present at the  daily debriefing meetings  to discuss lessons learned, and be updated on any new procedures or plans for the next day. Program Assistants must have a demonstrated ability to work with limited resources.

Website Editors

20 Weeks – 28 Hours per week – $14.25/hr – Two Positions Available

The Website Editors will work closely with our media consultant and web design team to develop new web artifacts and will be responsible for enhancing existing website features and functionalities. They will follow an iterative process in order to determine what the most effective updates to the website will be based on consultation and direction by the director of education, media consultant and web team. Website Editors will also work closely with IIT Scholars to leverage their content for more creative display on social media and other platforms. They will also integrate additional functionalities that will be identified by the website administrator and approved content creators.

The Website Editors will be required to sit in meetings, working groups, and brainstorming sessions with other team members and carry out duties as related to their job function.

A note on working at IIT during the pandemic:

Due to the COVID-19 Virus, and subsequent lockdown measures directed by the Province of Ontario, IIT has implemented a Work from Home regime to minimize the risk of virus spread. We are closely monitoring the Province’s recent Reopening Roadmap and will respond based on the Plan and the advice of Public Health experts.

IIT Summer Program will be held virtually if the lockdown measures continue. If there is opportunity for a physical, location-based summer program, employees will be required to work at the IIT, located at 1630 Neilson Rd., Toronto. All safety measures according to the public health directives will be put in place, and employees, participants, parents/guardians and visitors will be required to adhere to these measures. IIT will provide training and guidelines for a safe summer experience

Application Process:

  • All candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 30, and legally permitted to work in Canada
  • All candidates must have knowledge of the Islamic faith and must adhere to the code of conduct for employees at IIT

Step 1: Complete the application form at the link provided and submit before Friday, June 4, 2021

Step 2: Should your application meet the requirements, you will be required to provide a cover letter and resume.

Step 3: If you are shortlisted for recruitment, you will be required to attend an interview

While we appreciate the efforts made by all applicants, only those who have been selected to move to the next stage of recruitment will be contacted.