Salaatul Jumuah – March 29 (Good Friday Holiday)

Khateeb: Sh. Abdool Hamid
Adnan 1:20 PM
Khutbah: 1:30 PM

We are expecting a large crowd at Salaatul Jumuah due to the holiday. Please read the following before attending:

  • Please arrive early to secure parking; park in designated areas and follow the directions of parking attendants
  • Aditional parking on both sides of Neilson Rd.
  • Please bring a bag for your shoes and a prayer rug as you may be directed to other parts of the building for prayer. DO NOT LEAVE SHOES IN HALLWAYS – remove shoes on red carpet in lobby.
  • Chairs are set out for those who need it. If you arrive late and need a chair please speak with a volunteer

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