1.    What did you fear most of Covid?
I did not fear the Pandemic as a virus because we have lived through other viruses over the years. I fear that the lockdown and the closure of small businesses can lead to an erosion of civil liberties ad a new age of monopoly capitalism where the big corporations dominate society.

2.    What did you miss?
Ans: I missed the fellowship of family, friends and the Muslim community, especially the weekly gathering of Jumu’ah and the nights of Ramadan.

3.    Pleasant surprise?
I was able to connect with so many people online for my classes, lectures and discussion. It has opened up a new world. This will impact on our society for years to come.

4.    Greatest impact of Covid?
Covid and the decisions of  government authorities has destabilized people’s  lives and caused a lot of mental illness. Depression is common now and generally untreated.

5.    Hope?
I believe that there is a higher purpose for this great test. The earth is cleaner and the serious Believers will be separated from the hypocrites. Life will go back to normal Inshallah and lessons will be learned.

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

Historian, Lecturer, Consultant