Ramadan message & tax receipts

NOTE: Tax receipts have been mailed and you should receive them this week

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuh

Praises are for Allah and salutations on His Beloved Messenger.

I pray that all is well with you and your family and that you continue to enjoy the Blessings of Allah.  We are living in interesting times and are reminded, by the events around us, of the importance of strengthening our relationship with Allah and to continuously seek His guidance.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous support to the Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT).  We will continue to work hard to ensure that we fulfill our trust and to continue to earn your support. Please find enclosed, a copy of your receipt for tax purposes.  Please send us an e-mail at finance@islam.ca if this receipt does not match your records.  You may also call me at 416 208 0158.

Alhamdulillah, over the last year, we’ve offered a number of programs at the IIT.  This included a summer program for youth and children, Islamic History month activities in which we showcased communities in conflict, including Kashmir, the Uyghur Muslims and the Muslims of Rakhine State in Myanmar. Our youth also offered a number of innovative programs such as our first Muslim Business Expo, the Youth Summit, Monthly Youth Halaqas, Robotics and Coding Workshops and an upcoming Paint Night in March. Our elementary School, IIT Academy continues to progress well by the mercy of Allah.

With some investments in technology, we have been able to professionally record most of courses, khutbahs, lectures and programs. All recordings are uploaded to our YouTube Channel (IIT Media). We are also pleased to report that we have modernized our website with a new look and feel. 

Insha Allah, we expect the first day of Ramadaan 1441 to be on Friday April 24, 2020 (taraweeh on Thursday night).  Please check our website and social media for updates, and while you’re there, please also take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter. During the blessed month, the IIT will be offering Taraweeh prayers and a series of mini sessions on the “Gems of the Qur’an”, in addition to our weekly Saturday Iftaar and Lecture programs. 

This year we are especially pleased to award Shaikh Ahmad Kutty with a Lifetime Achievement Award on March 21st for his incredible contribution to the field of Islamic education and for his leadership on many issues we face as a community. We hope to see you at the Dinner and Ceremony.  Tickets may be purchased from our website https://islam.ca. As part of the recognition of Shaikh Ahmad Kutty, we are excited to launch the Ahmad Kutty Scholarship Fund, a fund that will provide bursaries and scholarships to eligible Muslim students pursuing academic studies at recognized universities in Canada. 

Once again, thanks for your ongoing support. 

Your brother,

Fareed Amin
Chair, Board of Directors