Ramadan Programs

With our facilities closed, we have ramped up our online programming for Ramadan and are pleased to offer several online programs.

Please check islam.ca/events for updates on all our programs, and YouTube links

ProgramOccurrenceTimeSpeaker/Instructor  Platform
Daily Qur’an recitationsDaily5:00 am, 5:00 pm Various qurraYouTube; website; facebook
Resilient HourDaily7:45 pmVarious speakersYouTube; website; facebook
Gems of Qur’anic WisdomDaily9:45 pmVarious shuyukhYouTube; website; facebook
Seniors CircleThursdays2:30 pmShaikh Abdool HamidTelephone
Friday Virtual TalkFridays1:30 pmOur scholarsYouTube; website; facebook