National Action plan on Islamophobia – NCCM

We know that many in our community are asking, as Canadians deal with the initial shock of the London attack, as to what the next steps will be.

The reality is that we need a whole of society approach to deal with what our community just went through.

NCCM will be leading forward on the aspect of pushing for policy change at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels across Canada through the National Action Summit on Islamophobia, which as per the recent motion, will be happening before the end of July.

Let us be clear: the measure of whether governments care to prevent further violence will be whether the summit recommendations are followed and new policies, procedures, and legislation are adopted in a short time frame.

We will be providing, over the next week, a framework for Canadian Muslims to come together to provide their ideas, strategies, and perspectives as we work to set the National Action Summit on Islamophobia. Please continue to follow us for important updates on this question.