Islamic History Month: events run Oct. 5 – 26, 5-9 pm

Islamic Institute of Toronto Celebrates Islamic History Month by showcasing the history, culture and achievements of Muslim Communities in Canada and across the world. In previous years, we have covered countries in various continents, including Bosnia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, the State of Kerala, the West Indies, Morocco, and others.

In 2019, Our program will run every Saturday from 5-9 pm, showcasing Islam in Bangladesh, Muslim Uighur, the Rohingyas and Kashmir.

A special event on the Arts and Entertainment will happen on Sunday, October 6 in collaboration with Nayla Media and MuslimFest for the worldwide YouTube launch of the animated children’s songs and stories Jamil and Jamila.

Register for IHM events and be eligible to win a number of prizes, including:

• Various Books and Free Courses from IIT (all events)
• Book by International best selling author Rukhsana Khan, Music CD by Irfan Makki (Oct. 6 event)

Winners must have registered, and MUST be present at the time of the award.