Inna lilla he wa inna elaihe rajioun

Inshallah we will be having a session tonight at 8:00 PM EST on Zoom for my dad.
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From brother Mohamed Farhad Khadim:

It is with deep sadness but with contentment with the decree of Allah that I announce the passing of our beloved father Mohamed Khadim Nabibaksh, also known as Ustad Eik- originally from Skeldon, Guyana, and in Toronto for the past 30 years. He was 92.

He was the husband of Jaiboon Nesa (also known as Iroon or Etlen); father of Ramzan (Hafeeza); Zaika (Roshan); Nauza (Javed); Zaleena; Ofira (Haseeb); Farhad (Fareeda); Kameeza (Muqeem) and Fizaal (Tammy).

He was the grandfather of 20 and great grandfather of 16.

May Allah forgive him his sins, multiply his good deeds and grant him a lofty place in Jannah.

There will be a zoom session this evening and we will inshallah share the link later.

The Janaazah will be held tomorrow inshallah but will be restricted to family members due to COVID-restrictions.

If my father has offended or wronged any of you, please forgive him and may Allah unite us all in his eternal garden of paradise.

We will inshaAllah update facebook with additional details