COMING SOON: Illuminate Your Life: 101 Prophetic Traditions

“Allah has been gracious to the believers when He sent a messenger among themselves, who recites His revelations to them, purifying them and teaching them the scripture and wisdom. Before that, they were in manifest error.”

(Qur’an: 3: 164)

The Prophetic mission is to transform society by transforming individuals within and without through education and mentoring.

The process entails inculcating sound beliefs, molding character, purifying the souls – thus awakening the hearts.

According to Imam Shafi (d. 204 AH /820 CE), the Prophetic wisdom is enshrined in the authentic Sunnah as recorded in the sound traditions.

This course intends to study 101 authentic traditions to provide a road map for living Islam authentically in its three dimensions-faith, spiritual practices, moral and spiritual development.

This will be presented in short episodes three times a week (Mondays (6.30 pm), Wednesdays (6.30 pm) and Sundays (6.30 pm) starting from November 22.

We will provide the traditions to be studied each week in advance