Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day 2020 comes to us at a time of great challenges and trials, but also at a time when we see the goodness inherent in humanity.

As citizens of this country we have an obligation to ensure the universal values of compassion, self- sacrifice, generosity and justice are manifested at every level.

We are particularly cognizant of the struggle for the rights of indigenous people in Canada; the issues of clean water, housing, access to food and other basic services – and the continuing struggle to hold government accountable.

We are dismayed about anti-black racism, but hopeful that we will do better as a nation.

Our collective challenges and responses during COVID -19 demonstrate that as a country we have the potential to take care of the marginalized amongst us.

As we wish our fellow Canadians a happy Canada Day, we remind ourselves of these values and the promise of a better world – a promise that can only be realized with persistence, struggle and patience.

We pray for safety and security; for a nation that exemplifies goodness, morality, tolerance, compassion and respect.

Happy Canada Day!