Fall Semester

A few highlights from our NEW & CONTINUING courses are below – register in three simple steps:
1. Log-in/sign-up at open-institute.thinkific.com
2. Click on any course for its details
3. Submit your info. (and payment if it’s not a free course)

Essentials of Islamic Aqidah with Sh. Ahmad Kutty
The Revivalists’ Lessons for Today with Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
Vocabulary of the Qur’an with Sh. Abdool Hamid
Thematic Study of the Qur’an: Surah Nisaa’ (Part Two) with Sh. Musleh Khan
Conversational Arabic for Beginners with Br. Mamoun S. Hassan
Introduction to Reading & writing Arabic with Br. Fawaaz Safeek
Arabic Language Book OneTwo, and Three with Sr. Rona Ullah
Advanced tajweed and Memorization of Select Surahs with Qari Abdulfatah Jahedar

We are also offering our weekday evening madrassah for children, our Friday Night Family Program, and the Home-maker’s Program for sisters.