Canada-wide Qur’an Memorization Competition

Deadline to register: April 10

DOWNLOAD: Rules and Procedures


The Islamic Institute of Toronto is pleased to present a Sponsorship Opportunity to individuals and organizations for its Inaugural Qur’an Memorization Competition to be held in the month of Ramadan.

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Gold Sponsor: Ansar Housing
Silver Sponsor: Amana Capital
Bronze Sponsor: Canadian Foundation for Global Giving

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Canadian Foundation for Global Giving

The Islamic Institute of Toronto is pleased to announce the Inaugural Canada-Wide Qur’an Memorization Competition to be held in Ramadan, 2022/1443 AH.

The Competition will be held online, and is open to both male and female participants, and offers competitors a chance to compete in 5 Categories, with a Certificate of Participation for each competitor, and prizes for winners and those with honorable mentions. The total cash value of prizes to be awarded will be approximately $10,000 distributed among the top competitors in each category.

The Competition will be judged by competent Qaris and Muqrias including Shaikh Saeed Gharseldin, Qari Ali Salem Jaheder, Qari Abdulfatah Jaheder, Muqria Dr. Julie Lowe and Muqria Rabia Khan.

A Test for qualifying for the finals will be held on the weekend of April 15-17, with the finals being held towards the end of Ramadan.

Advance Rules:

1. Competitors MUST be residents of Canada. Please do not register if you are not a resident of Canada.

2. Each Competitor will be allowed to enter into ONE CATEGORY only.

3. Competitors will be allowed to recite in Hafs, Warsh or Qalun

4. The decision of the Judges is final

5. Competitors will be provided a date and time on the weekend of April 15-17 for which they must be available for a Qualifying Test. If the Date/Time is not convenient, we will make an effort to accommodate another date/time within the weekend, otherwise the competitor will forego his place in the competition

6. Competitors must be able to connect online on a meeting platform such as Zoom. Competitors must have access to a working microphone and camera, and a strong internet connection.

The complete Rules of the Competition will be provided in advance of the Qualifying Round.


The Competition will be divided in the following Categories

1.K100 – Juz Amma – only open for ages 7-12

2.K300 – Any Three Juz of the Qur’an – only open for ages 7-12

3. Y500 – Any Five 5 Juz of the Qur’an – only open for ages 7-15

4. O1500 – Any 15 Juz of the Qur’an– open for all ages

5.O3000 The Entire Qur’an – open for all ages