December 15, 2020

IIT Wellness Program

We are excited to announce the IIT Wellness Program made possible by Allah’s Help and Mercy and by the Government […]
December 8, 2020

The (False) Stories We Tell Ourselves

Shereeza Ibrahim. B.A.Psych, M.S.W, R.S.W.Clinical counsellor and AuthorGTA Wellness Consultation We all have beliefs about ourselves and the world around […]
November 26, 2020

Seniors circle: Thursdays, 1:30 pm

Join us Every Thursday for our Seniors Circle Program! We invite you to join our conference call to connect with […]
November 23, 2020

Du‘as to Power Your Day

With Shaikh Ahmad Kutty Join us daily for this tremendous practical session to recite a Du‘a or Dhikr from the […]
November 22, 2020

No Jumuah…

Top Ten Questions Imams & Scholars Get Asked About Vaccines Vaccine info. The following resources are meant to provide general […]