Abdel Raouf Maarouf: Remembering a pioneer

Abdel Raouf Maarouf, along with his wife Laila Marouf, was a pioneer of the Muslim community in the GTA since the early eighties.

He was a devout Muslim, passionate about his faith and committed to serving the Muslim community.

In the early years of the Jami Mosque, he served as a member of its Majlis al-Shura and took to his responsibilities with fervour. Known to be an eloquent speaker, he delivered talks to the youth and facilitated study circles for them. 

Both he and his wife were instrumental in the Islamic education of several generations of Muslim children in the GTA in all major mosques, including my own children and grandchildren. 

Abdel Raouf was active at the Islamic Foundation but in his later years, preferred to lead a quieter life away from the public eye, after having served for so long. He was also a regular attendee of the Islamic Institute of Toronto.

He was known for his compassion, empathy, and commitment to the cause of Islam. Even in the face of recent health challenges, he was known to be fully accepting of the will of Allah.

In this context, I am reminded of the Prophet’s words: “He who is not grateful to others, cannot be grateful to Allah.” (Reported by Tirmidhi). In his passing, the Muslim community of the GTA has lost one of its early pioneers. 

May Allah forgive his shortcomings, reward him for his good deeds, shower him with His mercies and grant him a place in Jannat ul Firdaus in the company of the righteous.

And may Allah inspire his bereaved family with patience. Ameen.