A tribute for Br. Meer Ali

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

I am sitting here at the masjid writing these words of reflection on the passing of our beloved brother and friend, al Marhoom Meer Ali, may Allah grant him mercy.

I am aware that he was not one given to any form of ostentation, and he lived a simple, devout life, modelled on the Sunnah of the beloved messenger in his gentleness, kindness, willingness to help and in his pursuit of knowledge.

Br. Meer was a student of knowledge. He pursued with passion the study of the Arabic language, amassing dictionaries and books of grammar, and staying close to scholars and others with similar passion.

He extended his study to other fields, both individually and with teachers. He completed a full course on the books Madarij As-Saalikeen and Ihya Ulum ad-Deen with Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi; he pursued Arabic Language with Sh. Abdool Hamid and studies in Aqeedah, Usul al-Fiqh, Islamic History and Tafseer with Sh. Ahmad Kutty, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick and Sh. Musleh Khan.

He volunteered his time and energy with IIT and with various other masaajid; he frequented the Islamic Foundation of Toronto for daily prayers. He did anything that he was asked to do with willingness and perfection. He never asked for anything in return.

In fact, while he was employed part-time with IIT in various roles which I supervised, he hesitated to submit his hours of work, and often delayed cashing of cheques. Br. Fareed Amin, Chair of IIT recounted that at a recent event he asked Br. Meer to purchase additional food for the event; Br. Meer refused to take the money.

Money was not important to him. All he wanted was to see Islamic institutions prosper and be efficient. Family was also important to him and he dedicated his time to serving the needs of his family.

Fareeda and I saw him on Thursday at IIT; he enjoyed some pine-tart but declined to take any home. I saw him again at Jumuah where he was doing what he loved – volunteering by going through the lines for line collection.

He passed while he was doing something else he loved and excelled in – playing cricket with his circle of friends.

Our brother Meer was a beautiful soul. All I am hearing at the Janaazah gathering today, and can personally testify is about his beautiful character. I am meeting shaikhs, sisters and brothers and young people who cannot hold back their tears at his passing.

May Allah forgive him, have mercy on him and grant him the best reward – Jannatul Firdaws al ‘ala.

Farhad Khadim