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Islamic History Month 2017

Islamic History Month

October is Islamic History Month and preparations have been made for another informative and exciting year.

Exhibits: Fridays 6-9 pm; Saturdays 2-9 pm
Lectures/presentations/documentaries: Saturdays 6-9 pm

Week 1: Pre-Columbus and period of slavery/emancipation
Week 2: Passage from India, indentureship and independence
Week 3: South Asian Islands (Sri Lanka and the Maldives)
Week 4: Turkey and Anatolia

Attend all events and you get a chance to win some great prizes! We're also collaborating with the Toronto District School Board Islamic History Month planning and the Islamic History Month Canada national initiatives.

We are looking for volunteers who can help make this happen - if interested, send us an e-mail about the skills you can bring.



A special message from Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick:

October is Islamic History Month in Canada - a celebration of the rich history of a civilization that now accounts one fifth of the world's population. At the Islamic Institute of Toronto, we will be showcasing this history - through documentaries, exhibitions and lectures.

Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) was launched on October 25, 2007, with a motion in Canada's Parliament by the Honourable Mauril Belanger. October was then proclaimed as "Islamic History Month in Canada". IHMC was initiated and sustained by the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) from 2007 to 2012 but since then has been adopted by Muslim communities throughout the country as an opportunity to share the rich heritage of the Muslim world, the contributions made by Muslim scholars and inventors and the valuable stories of Muslim people who now make up over 25% of the earth's population.

IHMC is a golden opportunity to open the doors of Islamic centers and Masjids throughout the country and reconnect with the general populace. It is also a chance for Muslim leaders and scholars to provide clear answers to the many questions that service providers, law enforcement and government officials have concerning the true meaning of Islam and the role that Muslims can play in society. We encourage all schools, religious institutions, and government agencies to take this opportunity to reach out to their Muslim neighbors and colleagues and help foster understanding and cooperation in our country.

WATCH: Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick's introduction to Islamic History Month



Exhibits: Fridays 6-9 pm; Saturdays 2-9 pm

Lectures/presentations/documentaries: Saturdays 6-9 pm









Empowering Women through Health and Fitness: Oct. 1, 9am

Join us as we kick off TDSB's Islamic Heritage Month activities with a Women's Self Defense Workshop led by sister Ryhana Dawood. Although the workshop is free, we will be accepting donations of feminine hygiene products (pads & tampons) for homeless and women’s shelters across the GTA for #ThePadProject.


The untold history of African Muslims in the Caribbean & Latin America: Oct. 7

The Caribbean has a long and painful history of Muslim migration, struggle and emancipation. Join us on Oct. 7 and learn about the story of Muslim presence in the Caribbean before Columbus, the impact of slavery and the fight for freedom. Tasty Caribbean-themed finger food will be served including (halal) ginger-beer!


First Islamic History Month event with Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick: Oct. 7

Alhamdulillah, lots of interest at our first Islamic History Month Canada event on Slavery and Emancipation in the Caribbean.

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Turtle Island - Embracing Solidarity: Oct. 12, 7 pm

Muslims arrived to Turtle Island as settlers and have been here for over 150 years. Many of the benefits we have as settlers come at the expense of Indigenous peoples who continue to face ongoing injustices. Attendees will have an opportunity to gain unique insight from our panelists, including an individual of Indigenous-Muslim heritage and an understanding of the significance of multi-faceted identities, and how we can draw connections between and amongst these identities to stand in solidarity in order to walk forward in a good way.


Documenting Muslim octogenarians

Do you know a Muslim who is 80 years or older and living in Ontario? As part of Islamic History Month Canada, we are documenting Muslims who have reached 80 years and will recognize them on our website and Islamic History Events. Use the on-line form to document a family member (with their permission).


Stories of Migration

As part of Islamic History Month, we are documenting Stories of Migration - stories of hope, courage and resilience. Use the on-line form to complete your own story, or share it with someone you know - a grandparent, an aunt or uncle or a friend. Your story is important - let's hear it!



TDSB Islamic History Month Workshops: Oct. 1-27

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Islamic Heritage Month (IHM) Planning Committee would like to invite you to participate in 13 scheduled IHM workshops and events in October to celebrate the month. The overall goal of these workshops and events is to engage, enable and empower parents/guardians in the TDSB to challenge Islamophobia and discrimination at large, through awareness and education - the first initiative of this kind in the province of Ontario, and likely across Canada.



Islamic History Quiz Bowl: Oct. 27, 6:30 pm

IIT Youth Council presents the first Annual Quiz Bowl to celebrate Islamic History Month! Students aged between 15 and 22 years are invited to participate and be tested on a range of topics relating to Islamic History.

Teams will face off against each other to win our grand team prize of a $100 gift card (or $25 per member). A quick study guide will be sent to all participants so that you can increase your chances of winning! → Get details & register



Project Noor Build: Oct. 28, 10 am

The IIT Youth Council invites students aged 12 to 14 years to be a part of an exciting team that will learn about electrical circuits, magnets, LEDs and REED switches. Through this hands-on Science and TeKnology workshop, students will use the concepts they learn to build chimes that light up! In celebration of Islamic History Month, students will also learn about contributions Muslim scientists have made to modern civilization.

Spots are limited. Girls and boys are welcome to attend!