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Tafseer session: Sat. Feb. 28, 6 pm

Join us for one of our flagship programs, where Shaikh Abdool Hamid discusses central concepts in the Qur'an. These sessions systematically explain the verses of the Holy Qur'an from the earliest sources.

Muslim and Fit: Mar. 1, 1:30 pm

Join us for an inspirational afternoon focused on fitness. Hear renowned health and fitness expert sister Zainab Ismail speak on being 'Muslim and Fit'; how her personal journey as a fitness expert before and after acccepting Islam can inspire us to lead healthier, stronger lifestyles. Don't miss out on the martial arts and yoga workshops afterwards!

Family Day Walkathon at IIT

The Scarborough Muslim Community hosted their third annual Family Day Walkathon at IIT to raise funds for Rouge Valley Health System Foundation.

ISNA Responds to President Obama's Remarks at White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism

(Feb. 19) Today, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) issued the following statement after President Barack Obama's concluding remarks at this week's White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism:
We commend President Obama for his strong statements in distinguishing the mainstream teachings of Islam as practiced by over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, from violent extremists who under the guise of religion, try to justify their twisted political goals.

What these extremist groups look for is religious legitimacy and a manufactured clash of civilizations. They are goading America and Europe to demonize Islam and its Muslim minorities. → Continued...

Children's evening madrassa

(Registration open) Focusing on fluency & recitation of the Qur'an according to the rules of tajwid.

Khutbah recordings

For khutbah recordings & more, search for 'IIT' on iTunes & subscribe to our podcasts (or visit iit.podbean.com)

Community news

Mar. 1: Changing the Narrative - A Fundraising Evening for Let the Quran Speak
Jobs for youth at TDSB
Thorncliffe Park women help themselves by helping others
The truth about terrorism we refuse to see
The Atlantic's big Islam lie: What Muslims really believe about ISIS
ISIS recruiter in Edmonton enlists Canadian woman to join fight in Syria

Scarborough Muslims celebrate Family Day supporting hospital

(Feb. 17) Scarborough Muslims celebrated Family Day on Monday by raising funds to purchase vital signs monitors for Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital.

Donors rose to the challenge by raising over $25,000 at an event held at the Islamic Institute of Toronto. Fareed Amin, President of Islamic Institute of Toronto and Pervez Nasim, Chairman of the Ansar Financial and Development Corporation presented cheques of $5,000 each on behalf of their organizations. → Continued at iqra.ca

Great day for volleyball at IIT

(Feb. 15) Congratulations to Team Salaheddin for their competitive play, resulting in an impressive victory! 12 teams from the GTA participated in the tournament. → More

A Wake-Up Call

(Feb. 11, Shaikh Ahmad Kutty) It was with utmost horror and shock that I read the news this morning of the cold-blooded murder of three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, USA. This should serve as a wake-up call to all people of conscience who care to live in a sane world where all people can live in peace.

On an after-thought, I came to the realization that this is not at all surprising given the systematic vilification and stereotyping of Islam and Muslims perpetrated by the powerful media outlets for years... Continued


Honoring the Prophet - by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

Eventbrite - course registration

Winter semester

We are pleased to present the 2015 winter semester, with a number of new and continuing courses. Please note that while some classes are streamed live on-line, most can only be accessed in person at the IIT.

(NEW) Introduction to Islamic History - Sister Safiah Chowdhury: Mon. 7 pm
Comprehensive Arabic lang. level 1 - Ustaz Mohamed Edris: Wed. & Thurs. 7 pm
Arabic Lang. Book 1 - Sister Rona Ullah: Tues. 7 pm
Beginners' tajweed - Sister Julie Lowe: Fri. 7 pm
Qur'anic recitation for sisters - Sister Laila Maarouf: Sun. 11:45 am

→ These are just a few highlights, please review the class schedule for details on all classes.

SPARK - master public speaking

Mondays at 7 pm: A weekly forum for young professionals, presented by the IIT Youth Council.

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Let IIT be part of your income! Yes, when you donate to IIT, you will be rewarded for it in the hereafter, and your wealth is purified in this world. Be part of our 500 monthly donor drive - sign-up on-line or submit a void cheque to the IIT.

IIT Academy

The IIT Academy is a registered private school with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and offers the full Ontario curriculum (JK - grade 8), as well as Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Qur'an Recitation and French.

→  Visit iitacademy.ca for school news & registration information

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