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Islamic History Month: events running from Oct. 16-30

This year's Islamic History Month will explore the historical and theological perceptions regarding two of the major events in the Islamic Calendar, the annual Hajj or pilgrimage to Makkah and the Hijrah, or the historical journey of emigration undertaken by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions fleeing the persecution in Makkah. One focus of our commemoration will be on Muslim Women in History, providing a timely reminder of the challenges they face both from a historical and theological perspective.

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Syrian refugee crisis

The UN Refugee Agency is working to relieve a global crisis. You can help.

• Nov. 5: Islamic Relief Fundraising Event with Imam Suhaib Webb - stay tuned for details

→ Act now to alleviate Syria's humanitarian crisis. (Canada has promised to resettle 10,000 refugees - private sponsors needed.)

Bridges of Mercy will give families an opportunity to start a new life in Canada, inshallah. We can do it with your help - please contribute as generously as you can.

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BE MERCIFUL - A Benefit Dinner for Syrian Refugees: Oct. 31, 4 pm

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Skipping Pelting Jamarat to Avoid Stampede

First of all, let me extend my sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the stampede in Mina as well as those who died in Makkah because of the crane fall.

It is my firm conviction that most of such tragedies could be prevented if only we focus on better organization, planning, and managing affairs. Professionalism and excellence in work is a great Sunnah. The Prophet's success in his mission, in no small measure, was his strategic planning in executing his goals with utmost finesse. Continued...

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Fall semester - register now!

There are many classes available, on subjects ranging from Arabic grammar, Islamic history, to tajweed, and more! Review the class schedule for details. Please note that while some classes are streamed live on-line, most can only be accessed in person at the IIT.

NEW!New Muslim Forum - Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick: Wed. 7 pm
NEW!Advanced Arabic Language - Shaikh Abdool Hamid: Wed. 7 pm

→ These are just a few highlights, please review the class schedule for details on all classes.

Why Should Muslims Vote?

1. Voting in a democratic system is one of the few ways to affect social changes, and as Muslims it is our civic and religious duty to strive to move the society forward as closely as possible to the ideals of justice, fairness, equity and compassion for all.

2. Muslims are mandated by the Qur'an to work in cooperation with everyone for common causes that are beneficial to all people. Continued...

Young Muslim voters matter more than ever
Muslim groups working hard to get out the vote in their community
The Canadian-Muslim Vote, other groups rallying Muslim voters

Career Panel Discussion: Oct. 24, 2 pm

The IIT Youth Council invites you to a panel discussion on careers. The event will provide aspiring professionals with the opportunity to meet with working professionals to gain first-hand information and practical advice on various careers paths.

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Welcome back!

The Islamic Institute of Toronto welcomes back our Hujjaj!! We pray that Allah accepts your Hajj and keeps you in this elevated state of God consciousness and continue to bless you and your families. We are grateful to have you back amongst us and would, once again, express our deepest condolences to the family and relatives of those who passed away performing this noble act of worship. We hope that you will continue to make IIT, your Islamic Institution of choice, and that you will register for one of our courses and/or attend our other regular programs. Please make islam.ca your home page.

We hope that we met your expectations and that the support provided by Shaikh Abdool Hamid and Br. Mohamed Mobeen were exemplary. You will be receiving a survey shortly. Please take a few moments to complete the survey. Thanks again for making IIT part of your Hajj - we truly value your confidence and hope that we can continue to rely on your ongoing support.

Community news (hajj)

Abraham: Persecution, refuge and renewal
How one black woman in Mecca can inspire millions to rise against misogyny and racism
Yom Kippur, Eid al-Adha: Common Faith, Common Fate
Towards a Green Hajj

Eidul adha

Recording of Shaikh Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick's 2015-09-24 khutbah

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty's 2014 Eidul adha khutbah
We urge all Muslims to familiarize themselves with the Benefits of the Days of Dhul Hijjah and wish everyone a blessed Eid.
We pray that Allah accepts the pilgrimage of those who have undertaken it, and returns them safely to their families.

Sisters' Yoga: Fridays, 8 pm

Sisters yoga and volleyball has resumed on Fridays at 8 pm. Interested sisters can just drop-in or email us at iityouthcouncil@gmail.com for more info.

IIT Ball Hockey League (flyer)

Registration is now complete for both age groups.

IIT youth ball hockey league (IIBHL) is looking for volunteers (coaches, scorekeepers, referees, timekeepers) for their Friday night league running from September 2015 to March 2016. Anyone interested in helping out our youth, please contact brother Khalid Raheem at 416-894-5758 or by email at krahe1093@rogers.com.


We are in the process of setting up a community library to be located on the south side of building, on the second floor. A reading room is attached to the library and can be accessed via sliding doors connecting the two spaces.

Community newsGreat Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Ready to fulfil our amaanah of cherishing our shared waters and environment? Want to leave a positive legacy? Please join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Rouge Park - soon to be the first National Park of its kind in Canada!

When: Sun. Oct. 25 at 2 pm
Where: Rouge Waterfront West (195 Rouge Hills Drive)
Registration (required): http://goo.gl/cwBLPs
FaceBook event page: https://goo.gl/tsCSco
Contact: Aasiya Hussain, ecohesian@gmail.com

Let Us Stand Up for Canada - Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

Canada is our home; it is the country we cherish for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. So, we need to stand up for Canada. This raises the question: what does it mean to stand up for Canada? Continued...

Khutbah archive

For khutbah recordings & more, search for 'IIT' on iTunes and subscribe to our podcasts (or visit iit.podbean.com)

Children's evening madrassa

Focusing on fluency & recitation of the Qur'an according to the rules of tajwid.


Earth Day: Green tips from the sunnah - by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Haroon Siddiqui - An Inspiring Trailblazer - by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Islam Awareness Week: Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick's trip to Guyana
Honoring the Prophet - by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

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500 monthly donors

Let IIT be part of your income! Yes, when you donate to IIT, you will be rewarded for it in the hereafter, and your wealth is purified in this world. Be part of our 500 monthly donor drive - sign-up on-line or submit a void cheque to the IIT.

IIT Academy

The IIT Academy is a registered private school with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and offers the full Ontario curriculum (JK - grade 8), as well as Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Qur'an Recitation and French.

→  Visit iitacademy.ca for school news & registration information

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