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Inna lilla he wa inna elaihe rajioun

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of sister Sheila Abdulcader, wife of brother Faizel Abdulcader, sister in law of Imrahn, Nizam, and Khairul Athya. Mother of Shawn-Ali Abdulcader, Sheena Karim and mother in law of Adil Karim - grandmother of Daniel Karin.

Sister Sheila passed away suddenly at her home at the age of 59. Janaazah was on April 23, after duhr at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, followed by burial at Pine Ridge Memorial Gardens.

Brother Faizul Abdulcader was the real estate agent who brokered the deal for the purchase of eight acres of land for the IIT, and was instrumental in ensuring that all requirements were met for a successful purchase. We ask Allah to forgive his wife, to multiply her good deeds and grant her paradise. We pray for patience and comfort for her loved ones in this time of distress.

Fatwa session with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty: Apr. 19

Fatwas on Family Issues


Preparing for Ramadan: Fridays, 6:30-8:00 pm

Ramadan is one of the most important times in the life of a Muslim. It is a month of fasting, generosity, spirituality and good deeds. How will you prepare for it? Join us in this special 6 week course to explore the importance, blessings, rituals and rules pertaining to fasting, zakaat, Qiyaam, Lailatul Qadr and Eid al Fitr.

Qurra arranged for tarawih

With the blessed month of Ramadan just one month away, we are pleased to announce that we will have the honour of Qari Ali Salem Mohamed Jahedar, Qari Abdulfatah Jahedar and Hafiz Hassan Mohamed to lead tarawih.

Qari Ali Salem is an established teacher of Qur'an from Tripoli, Libya and he is blessed with a number of sons whom he has taught, including Abdulfatah Jahedar. Watch a video of five of his sons reciting Qur'an for a TV program in Libya - Ziyaad, Hatem Salem, Ridwaan and Siraaj - may Allah bless them all.


Frogs of Altona forest: May 5, 9:30 am

Discover the frogs of Altona forest on a hike presented by the IIT Youth Council. Learn about when frogs emerge in the forest and the different species that call in the spring.

There is no admission fee for this event and spots are limited to the first 30 registrants. Participants are requested to make a donation to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

Bubble Soccer: May 6, 10 am

Come try out the craziest new game, Bubble Soccer! Have fun with your friends as you bump and kick your way to a goal. Bubble soccer will be held at the IIT gym with sisters playing from 10 am - 11 am and brothers playing from 11 am - 12 pm. Participants will be split into teams of 5 and each team will get about 25 minutes of total game time.

Ages 15 to 21 are welcome. Get active and make a few memories with us!

O Canada! Muslims Can Thrive in Thee!: May 5 & 6

Ummah Nabawiah Masjid is thrilled to formally invite you to their 7th Annual Conference (English session begins at 5 pm).

This year's conference, titled O Canada! Muslims Can Thrive in Thee! will focus on empowering us with the tools necessary to be the best Muslim-Canadians while addressing pressing issues affecting our communities. Admission is free - there is also a Kids Activity room for ages 4 to 10.

Get more info.

Website redesign questionnaire

We are revamping the website to better serve the community's needs, and are seeking feedback so that we can plan, and try to accommodate requests. Please fill out the on-line questionnaire.

IIT Ball Hockey League Awards Dinner this Saturday

No more tickets available. All ticket holders, players and guests should have already received a reminder email individually. No tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the event, so please do not come with that expectation. See flyer for all the details.

NEW PLAYERS FOR NEXT SEASON: If you're new, of any skill level, 6-16 years old, and want to be contacted as soon as registration begins this August, please e-mail Khalid or call him at 416-894-5758 to get added to the contact list.

Conservatives will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital if elected

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says if his party forms government in 2019, it will follow Trump's lead and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Scheer's declaration comes in the form of a pledge posted to the Conservative party website designed to gather signatures from members of the public.

"Canada's Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital when we form government in 2019," the pledge says, describing the party as "a strong voice for Israel and the Canadian Jewish community." Continued...

Conservative advisor helped create anti-Islam organization

A senior member of Andrew Scheer's leadership team helped create an anti-Islam organization during his campaign to lead the Conservative Party. Now, that organization is holding events to protest anti-Islamophobia Motion 103 and is bringing together Canada's anti-Islam pundits and anti-Muslim groups.

Georganne Burke, the Scheer campaign's Outreach Chair, was involved in the founding of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF). The group warns that the Liberal government is criminalizing criticism of Islam and opening the door for a Sharia (Islamic) takeover of Canadian law. C3RF plans to hold events across the country to advocate against M103 and the Trudeau government. Continued...


Winter Semester

We are excited to be offering courses such as:
Self-Care: The Prophetic Approach with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Vocabulary of the Qur'an with Shaikh Abdool Hamid
Miracles of the Qur'an with Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick
A Thematic Journey Through The Qur'an with Shaikh Musleh Khan
Tajweed for Beginners with Julie Lowe

Plus continuing classes in Arabic language, youth classes, and more! If you don't receive e-mail confirmation shortly after registration, please check your junk/spam folder.

Summer camp: Jul. 2 - Aug. 10

Six weeks of learning, fun & creativity!

Registration, job applications, program details & cost will all be posted at the end of May!

Get job ready!

Finding your first job is often difficult!! Young people in Canada frequently encounter the 'No Experience, No Job' predicament where they may have an education and tremendous potential, but are often turned away by prospective employers due to a lack of work experience.

This initiative will teach you how to navigate the job market and develop the practical tools vital to securing employment.

Essentials of Living The Path - Tips For Living an Examined Life

(Shaikh Ahmad Kutty) Reflecting the ethical and spiritual vision of Islam - a concise view of the Islamic belief and practices

Children's evening madrassa: weekdays, 5:30 pm

A special children's evening class in Qur'anic recitation and Islamic studies. It runs for the entire school year and follows a standard school calendar. Teachers include Hafiz Hassan Mohamed, Ibrahim Farook and others, and is managed by Imam Kamruzzaman. Children between the ages of 5-14 are eligible - $30 per month per child.
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Khutbah archive

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Islamic counselling with IIT scholars

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty: Tuesdays 10 am - 12 pm - preferably by appointment at consultation@islam.ca
Shaikh Musleh Khan: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4-7 pm - preferably by appointment at consultation@islam.ca
Shaikh Abdool Hamid: Mondays & Wednesdays 4-7 pm - preferably by appointment at consultation@islam.ca
Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 3-7 pm - preferably by appointment at consultation@islam.ca

Confronting Islamophobia and racism

All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds and may the peace and blessings of Allah be constantly showered upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad forever.

As we move further into the 21st Century, the tensions and crises of the world are increasing by the day. Muslims, in the past, have always looked to the guidance of their Lord and the methodology of the Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to bring light in the time of darkness. Continued...

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500 monthly donors

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IIT Academy

The IIT Academy is a registered private school with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and offers the full Ontario curriculum (JK - grade 8), as well as Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Qur'an Recitation and French.

→  Visit iitacademy.ca for school news & registration information


We are in the process of setting up a community library to be located on the south side of building, on the second floor. A reading room is attached to the library and can be accessed via sliding doors connecting the two spaces.

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